CENTRAL GO WHOLESALE Operates with Highest Standards of Sustainability Practices to Create Better World for Next Generation.

CENTRAL GO WHOLESALE Sustainability Goals

GO Wholesale

All business of Central Retail (CRC), including CENTRAL GO WHOLESALE, are convicted to build a promising future for the generations to come by reinforcing its position as Thailand’s first Green & Sustainable Retail with the CRC ReNEW strategy, driving leaping growth for the business by operating with the highest standards of sustainability practices. Supporting this strategy, the company has set long-term goals to reach Net Zero by 2050 along with short-term 2030 goals.

Sustainability Supply Chain

GO Wholesale is committed to develop a sustainable supply chain. The Company currently emphasizes the process of raw material sourcing through the selection of raw materials from small and big suppliers and manufacturers, who are transparent and socially responsible. Especially in the food business group, the Company directly purchases products from local farmers with an aim to enhance the well-being and quality of life of local communities. GO Wholesale also focuses on minimizing the business impact on the environment, especially the energy management to replace the use of fossil fuels with renewable energy, such as solar rooftop to help reduce greenhouse gas emission. As for outbound transportation, the Company strives to use the most efficient transportation mode and route to reduce delivery distance and time, reducing carbon emissions (carbon footprint) through the use of electric vehicles. Also, refrigerators and energy-saving cooling systems are installed in the stores. Moreover, the Company’s resource management covers water management as well as litter and waste management.

Communication Channels

As for marketing and sales, the Company focuses on developing sales and communication channels in the Omnichannel format to increase customer reach and respond to changes in consumer behavior in the digital age. Lastly, the Company has a dedicated unit for customer relations management, which also serves as a channel for communicating offers to customers, receiving feedback from stakeholders, and providing after-sales service.

Labor practice and human rights

Labor practice and human rights are basic principles in our sustainable business operations. Our labor practice and human rights policy includes a number of human rights elements such as forced labor, human tracking, child labor, as well as discrimination and intimidation in all forms.